Canola crop near Ferndale, On

After working for 40 years I decided it was time to slow down and smell the flowers. (Although it is harder to bend over than it used to be…) I’ve struggled with a degenerative muscle disease (SMA) for over 20 years and have endured a few other health challenges. But in spite of that I started and ran four companies, developed a franchise for our training company, wrote two books and a number of courses on sales, leadership and business transition, and sold the training business. All while raising a family and volunteering in the community. I enjoy writing so this blog is my current outlet.

Recent Blogs:


Dr. Gabor Mate* has spent a lot of time helping people through trauma. In a recent documentary, he explained how childhood trauma affects how we interpret the world and how it causes negative behaviours later in life. In his research and experience he has come to believe that addictions, acting out, homelessness, prison incarceration, broken… Continue reading Trauma

How On Earth Do They Do It?

It’s a bit of a miracle. It happens several times a day, probably all over the world. It’s the equivalent of stuffing a full-size elephant into a party balloon, or actually a pop can. There’s no wiggle room. It doesn’t matter what is happening in the world. There could be earthquakes, forest fires, market crashes,… Continue reading How On Earth Do They Do It?

Brain Fog

I’m struggling. Not so much physically or mentally. I’m struggling with decisions. Big and small. Will I wear socks today or go in my bare feet? How much do I want to work? Can we travel this fall? My pace is pretty good right now. I have a routine. And I understand that for our… Continue reading Brain Fog

No Time Like The Future

An Optimist Considers Mortality I’ve just finished reading Michael J. Fox’s latest book, No Time Like The Future – An Optimist Considers Mortality. It leaves me with mixed emotions.  Fear of what my own future looks like. Inspired because he’s been through so much worse than me and is still doing ‘new’ things, experimenting to… Continue reading No Time Like The Future


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