Canola crop near Ferndale, On

After working for 40 years I decided it was time to slow down and smell the flowers. (Although it is harder to bend over than it used to be…) I’ve struggled with a degenerative muscle disease (SMA) for over 20 years and have endured a few other health challenges. But in spite of that I started and ran four companies, developed a franchise for our training company, wrote two books and a number of courses on sales, leadership and business transition, and sold the training business. All while raising a family and volunteering in the community. I enjoy writing so this blog is my current outlet.

Recent Blogs:

Truth Be Told…

Birders aren’t so bad Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on my last couple blogs. It was a mix. Some said, “Good for you for being honest about your feelings.” Others said I should be careful. I might get tarred and feathered. Another said he heard there might be a mob of Tilley-wearing people… Continue reading Truth Be Told…

Mea Culpa

Or why it doesn’t pay to mock birders. I may have ruffled some feathers with my last post. (Thankfully not enough yet to go with the tar…) So I think I should set the record straight. I do like birds. Especially chickens. And pre-chickens. On my plate. And turkey vultures because they clean up the… Continue reading Mea Culpa

I Fall

I fall. It is a consequence of the weakness in my legs from SMA – a degenerative muscle disease that I’ve had for over 20 years. Sometimes my knee just gives out without warning and down I go. Or I lose my balance by stepping on the edge of a carpet or a pebble and… Continue reading I Fall


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